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Alligare Fluridone

Alligare Fluridone Liquidis a  herbicide that effectively controls duckweed and most submerged pondweed varieties except algae. Alligare Fluridone stays suspended in the water for longer control. Pour in or apply with a sprayer. Application rates vary with species present but typically 24 oz. per acre kills most weeds.
Reward Herbicide (1 gal)
Our Price: $155.00

REWARD is a non-selective, highly active contact herbicide.  It spreads quickly through the water and makes fast contact with aquatic weeds. Water-soluble, it is absorbed by target plants in just minutes, providing broad-spectrum control of floating, submersed and marginal weeds.
Aquathol Super K Granular (10 lbs)
Our Price: $260.00

AQUATHOL SUPER K Granular with potassium endothall is a selective, rapid-acting, contact herbicide which begins working on contact with submersed weeds to break down cell structure and inhibit protein synthesis. Without this ability the weed dies.