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Midwest Lake Management, Inc was founded in 2003 after realizing there was a demand for our unique services. It was simple- our clients like water and we do, too. There simply wasn't a company around that had the skill-set to handle such a broad range of aquatic management services. So our company was born, and we began helping people manage their water and fisheries. Just a short year later, we began operating our second division of the business which specializes in the design and fabrication of fisheries equipment used by professional biologists. Each year since our business's inception we have experienced excellent growth and have continued to expand our services and products. We are a diverse group of folks that love what we do. We all have a passion for the water, fisheries management, engineering, and taking on challenges. We take great pride in fulfilling the needs of our customers, who are just as diverse as we are.

Further, we have a significant inventory of specialized equipment that allows us to be a one stop shop for our customers, whether within our Pond and Lake Management Division or our Fisheries Equipment Division. In short, we have the right tools to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Please continue to read and learn more about us. We'll appreciate hearing from you and look forward to earning your business.

Shawn Banks, M.S., is our Senior Biologist & President of the company. Shawn possesses degrees in biology and chemistry and an advanced degree in fisheries science. Shawn has been professionally involved in the fisheries management/research & aquatic ecology field since 1995. Prior to starting Midwest Lake Management, Inc, Shawn served as a fisheries management biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation where he held duties involving stream crayfish research, pond management, and managing public reservoirs and interior rivers. Shawn occasionally publishes popular articles on pond and fisheries management, and he has published several scientific papers in peer reviewed journals on topics ranging from fish genetics to fish habitat associations to parasite surveys of fish and white-tailed deer. Shawn has either directly worked with or given advice to nearly 2,000 pond owners, and he handles premium fisheries management accounts for private clients residing in 9 different states.

Tom Lehman, M.S., possesses bachelor degrees in physics and math and masters in physics. Tom is responsible for design and fabrication of our specialized electrofishing control boxes, which we sell to professional biologists across North and South America. Tom has worked primarily in private industry since 1977 for such companies as Invivo Research Labs, Seismograph Service Corporation, Anaconda Ericsson, Adaptive Instruments and Bell Laboratories. Tom holds 5 patents for original engineering projects. His list of engineering projects is extensive and diverse but mostly involves advanced electronics and sensing circuitry.

Paul Horner, B.S., is our Staff Fisheries Biologist and Sales/Design Consultant for our equipment. Paul possesses a BS in Natural Resources Management. Paul has been professionally involved in fisheries management since 1996, which has included work with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, USGS Tennessee Cooperative Research Unit, and the Missouri Department of Conservation. Paul has a great deal of experience with ponds, major reservoirs, streams and large rivers. Paul has worked with nearly all North American sport fish and endangered species such as the pallid sturgeon. Paul's work has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Jeanne Huntley, B.S., joined our staff in March of 2012.  She possesses a Bachelors degree in Textiles and Clothing in Business.  Jeanne has 30 years combined experience in retail sales, retail sales management, small business ownership and business administration.  Jeanne's position as Office Administrator requires a variety of responsibilities, including customer service, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.  She oversees all website and webstore activity as well as marketing and general logistics.

Jeff Slipke, Ph.D.;  is the newest member of our staff, joining our company in August 2012.  Jeff will be operating as the head of our pond and lake management division.  Jeff has been working as a fisheries biologist/scientist since 1990 and has been involved on private pond and lake work since 2004.  Prior to entering the private sector, Jeff conducted research on a wide variety of fisheries issues, mainly on large reservoirs in the southeastern United States.  Jeff has published a dozen peer-reviewed, scientific papers and numerous popular articles.  In addition, Jeff developed a software program to simulate and model fish population dynamics. The program, called FAMS (Fishery Analysis and Modeling Simulator), has been used by researchers and university students throughout the country and internationally.  Jeff has traveled the U.S. presenting research results and conducting continuing education workshops to fisheries biologists.  Jeff is an American Fisheries Society Certified Fisheries Professional.